RVE Index Committee

The RVE Index Committee (“The Committee”) is composed of not more than five members. The Committee Members have specific experience in one or more of the Family sectors and/or stock market operations.

The Committee is responsible for 1) determining the sector weightings on an annual basis and 2) maintaining a comprehensive list of companies that are principally engaged in the various family sectors that form the universe of stocks from which the index is compiled. The Committee is responsible for updating the universe of stocks on a quarterly basis.

Impartial criteria are then applied to these stocks to determine whether or not they are to be included in one or more Family indexes, also on a quarterly basis.

The Committee reviews the stocks to be included in the Family Indexes and may reject any stock that it believes does not meet its overall standards for risk and sound business practice.

The Committee meets quarterly, either in person or via teleconference, to discuss index issues and organize the quarterly rebalancing. The composition of the Committee may from time to time be changed to reflect changes in market conditions.

Joseph LaCorte, Chairman, is the Managing Member of S-Network Global Indexes, Inc. and has been responsible for index arbitrage and ETF businesses for major investment banks and asset managers.