• S-Network Global Indexes, Inc.
  • Posted June 8, 2017

20 Additions and 19 Deletions in S-Network Natural Resources Composite Index Quarterly Reconstitution

New York, NY, |Date1| — The S-Network Natural Resources Composite Index (Ticker: RVEC) will add 20 constituents and drop 19 constituents in its quarterly reconstitution effective 6:00 PM (EST) Sunday, June 18, 2017, changing the number of index components to 619.


The additions to RVEC are: Ultra Petroleum Corp (TICKER: UPL US), New Zealand Refining Co Ltd (TICKER: NZR NZ), Nippon Denko Co Ltd (TICKER: 5563 JP), Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk (TICKER: INKP IJ), Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Cor (TICKER: 2006 TT), Tubacex Sa (TICKER: TUB SM), Tianjin Capital Environ-H (TICKER: 1065 HK), Kws Saat Se (TICKER: KWS GR), Volcan Cia Minera Saa-Cmn B (TICKER: VOLCABC1 PE), Medco Energi Internasional T (TICKER: MEDC IJ), Mari Petroleum Co Ltd (TICKER: MARI PA), Peabody Energy Corp (TICKER: BTU US), Henan Hengxing Science -A (TICKER: 002132 CH), Slc Agricola Sa (TICKER: SLCE3 BZ), Greatview Aseptic Packaging (TICKER: 468 HK), Olam International Ltd (TICKER: OLAM SP), Astral Foods Ltd (TICKER: ARL SJ), Hainan Shennong Gene Techn-A (TICKER: 300189 CH), Fujian Minfa Aluminum Co -A (TICKER: 002578 CH), C&J Energy Services Inc (TICKER: CJ US).


The deletions from RVEC are: Matrix Service Co (TICKER: MTRX US), Tetra Technologies Inc (TICKER: TTI US), Lonmin Plc (TICKER: LMI LN), Premier Oil Plc (TICKER: PMO LN), Grupo Simec S.A.-Ser B (TICKER: SIMECB MM), Xinjiang Joinworld Co Ltd-A (TICKER: 600888 CH), Seadrill Ltd (TICKER: SDRL NO), Noble Group Ltd (TICKER: NOBL SP), Packages Ltd (TICKER: PKGS PA), Jilin Forest Industry Co-A (TICKER: 600189 CH), Huolinhe Opencut Coal Ind -A (TICKER: 002128 CH), Jilin Ji En Nickel Industr-A (TICKER: 600432 CH), Minfeng Special Paper Co L-A (TICKER: 600235 CH), Petrobras Argentina - Adr (TICKER: PZE US), Xinjiang Sailimu Modern -A (TICKER: 600540 CH), Tangrenshen Group Co Ltd-A (TICKER: 002567 CH), Lanpec Technologies Ltd-A (TICKER: 601798 CH), Hoegh Lng Holdings Ltd (TICKER: HLNG NO), Yeong Guan Energy Group Co (TICKER: 1589 TT).



Complete lists of the constituents and weights will be posted on the Index website (http://rve.snetglobalindexes.com/) as of the effective date.


The S-Network Natural Resources Composite Index (RVEC) serves as the universe for the VanEck Natural Resources Index (RVEI), which is a capitalization-weighted, float-adjusted index of the most prominent commodity stocks in the world. RVEI is divided into six sectors: a) Energy, b) Agriculture, c) Base and Industrial Metals, d) Forest products, e) Precious Metals and f) Alternatives.



Detailed information on the S-Network Natural Resources Index family is available at http://rve.snetglobalindexes.com/. Data is also available through most vendors of financial data.